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      Firstly I want to thank you all for the support and motivation you have given me over the period that I have been contributing on this forum.

      Secondly, I need your input on project that is not so much about making money, but it is borne out of my conviction that there is significant work being done within the realm of skills development within the EC. That so much more can and must be done is undeniable.

      I have conceptualised a 2-tiered impact-driven project that I am looking to have financed in the best way possible, and given your knowledge of me, or our personal and/or professional working experiences, and the networks within which you all operate, I believe that you are the right people to talk to.

      The way I see it, the OTP is only one of the entities that I will have to approach to realise this. The local municipalities, the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry as well as local Businesses being the other partners in the initial phase of delivery.

      Tier #1: Capacitation and education of the underprivileged, unemployed and unemployable youth – mainly but not exclusively from the PDI background – giving them the tools to be self-sufficient and engender an entrepreneurial spirit.

      Because it cannot be expected that these individuals be able to pay for training themselves, the funding for this skills development initiative must be borne by entities such ECSECC, the DWAF, the OTP, SETA’s, and the QCTO; while Big and Small Business will be called on to support this learnership through mentoring arrangements and providing the necessary conduits to supply materials, facilitation and mentoring through workplace experience.

      To this end, I have already set up a meeting with the CEO of a local business who has made significant strides in the Green Economy sphere for next week. I think that what I will propose to them is a natural fit.

      Your work within and commitment to skills development and community upliftment makes you the ideal stakeholders and CEP in this project. Your extensive networks within the business networks you have developed, as well as just the mere fact that you have kids and are living in a community somewhere means that every one of you would be an invaluable resource.

      As I have said, there is a 2-tiered mechanism that should ensure a significant RoI for all concerned, but the most important outcome is number 2.

      Tier #2: The conceptualisation, mass-production and installation of a grey water reuse systems in rural and urban households, and the capturing and reticulation of rain water in rural, CBD and industrial areas.

      While these systems are merely the vehicle that will facilitate and help the assessment of the practical application of plumbing-related theory in a tangible product, it will also serve as…

      1) an opportunity for new and existing SDP’s, municipalities – initially the ADM, and later the broader SA’n municipal districts – to showcase their commitment to sustainable infrastructure development based on ecologically sound principles.There is an opportunity for businesses on the cutting edge of green technology to turn a healthy profit, which would further boost the local economy.

      2) Improve entrepreneurial thinking, encourage self-sufficiency and employment prospects amongst ‘The Forgotten’, which will ultimately lead to a reduction in crime, drug and alcohol abuse, urban degradation and over-reliance on state support through welfare and food parcels.

      It is my intention to deliver this programme under the auspices of the new QCTO structure and use the new plumbing qualification already approved – 642601000. This will not only make the training delivered in this project relevant, but it will also allow us to build on the initial phase by incorporating other construction-related disciplines, such as brick-laying, electrification, tiling, carpentry, painting, etc.

      Given the information I have shared here, I would really appreciate your input and look forward to hearing from you by way of email on [email protected]

      What do you think?

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  • Hannes Nel

    Excellent, Chantel. Our Training Manager takes boxes of work home most evenings. I am now appointing a personal assistant for her, and if she does not learn to delegate she will be the first person to be fired because she works too hard! 🙂

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