QCTO roadshows, the best kept secret? Do not wait for 2020

By bernardbotha, 28 October, 2018

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I had the privilege to attend the QCTO roadshow in Bloemfontein on Thursday. It is to say the least a jam=packed information session and you will suffer from an information overload. Try to get a seat at the front so that you can see the slides - they are very busy and difficult to read. Audio was also a bit of an issue in Bloemfontein. Since the last post the Powerpoint slides from the QCTO presentation to parliament has been published - please have a very close look at that!

Initially the 'intention' was that only accredited SDP's should attend but the QCTO has since realised that there is such a dearth of information that the only 'information' that is being circulated is misinformation. So while the main theme is focused on accredited SDP's any person who has an interest in the subject should attend.

My understanding of the target audience is that training managers, heads of private colleges would gain most. Now I must admit that I can't remember if it was mentioned in the presentation or during a private conversation but the days of your 'I can teach any subject' lecturer or the man off the street are past; the QCTO will conduct unannounced site visits to ensure that the Quality part of their mandate is ensured. The message is loud and clear - the training scene is changing and many SDP's will be caught unawares. The time to rethink and change is NOW.

If the private providers want a slice of the cake they have to be pro-active now and not wait till the proposed 13 public colleges come on stream in 2020.

The range of subjects discussed was so vast that everybody could get clarity on his or her concerns. A common thread was the frustration with SETA accreditation. In this respect the QCTO is like a shining light at the end of the tunnel - they handle all requests for accreditation and if there is a Occupational Certificate that covers your area of interest you go the QCTO way - with completion within 90 days! See the relevant slide in the presentation - their success rate is above 86 %.

If not, the QCTO will refer you to a Seta with no guaranteed completion time. As Ms. Kemp mentioned the advice applicants are being given by outsiders is to rather go for an OC than a historical qualification that is being phased out.

The phase-out date seems to be much closer than most people think!

I will admit that I suffer from selective recall but the message I got at the roadshow is:

1. 2020 is just around the corner; by implication if you miss 30-11 you will have to start all over again. Post 2019 ALL training providers have to registered by the DHET and if you are not, you may not offer training based on any NQF material.
2. Most historical qualifications will be (or have been - YES IT IS TRUE) replaced by appropriate OC’s
3. If you are thinking of starting a training institution or extending your scope – have a look at the list of registered Occupational Certificates on the QCTO website and apply for one of those rather than a historical qualification which is reaching its sell by date
4. The QCTO is looking at ‘skills courses’ but some of the OC’s have part qualifications – one can also offer selected modules from an OC if you want to – however you must be accredited by the QCTO to offer that particular OC
5. The QCTO is not prescriptive as to what you use for learning material and there is no such a thing as learning material that the QCTO has accredited/recommended/certified. The Holy Grail here is the Curriculum Document - each OC has its own and you must follow that.
6. The QCTO accreditation process has been streamlined and quite transparent. Do make sure that you read the manual before you start completing the application for accreditation. It is not merely a case of putting fingers to keyboard and print - read all the fine print and make sure you include everything. It is best to leave this to a professional who understands the process.
7. Once you are accredited you will be provided with a learner management system.



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