QCTO receives approval for OQSF from Minister HES&T

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      sylvia hammond

      4 March 2020
      The Quality Council for Trades & occupations has received approval from the Minister of Higher Education, Science & Technology for the republication of the revised Occupational Qualifications Sub-Framework Policy (OQSF).

      The first OQSF Policy was published on 17th July 2014 in Government Gazette No. 37879.

      The revised OQSF policy published in Government Gazette 43062 dated 2nd March 2020 will not only advance the objectives of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) but will set in motion a drive to simplify the systems for Learners, Skills Development Providers (SDPs), Facilitators, Subject Matter Experts, Community of Expert Practitioners, Employees and Employers.

      This clear-cut, easy to understand and user-friendly revised OQSF Policy will give effect to the articulation of occupational qualifications and part-qualifications within the OQSF, and between the OQSF and the other two NQF Sub-Frameworks (Higher Education Qualifications Sub-Framework (HEQSF) managed by Council on Higher Education (CHE), and General and Further Education Training Sub-Framework (GFETSF) which is managed by Umalusi.

      For full details of the media release, please see attached file, and to save further searching the actual revised OQSF is also attached.

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      Lynel Farrell

      Thank you Sylvia,
      So the next question that thousands of providers are asking – if the Minister gave the thumbs up to the QCTO, why would the DHET not recognise and register Skills Development Providers that fall under the OQSF? The QCTO plays a vital roll here and should have the same equal status of providers than the CHE and Umalusi. Then, although this policy breaks down the unique levels, which is truly appreciated, the question now, comes in, where the Minimum Credits at Exit Level: 60% is recorded. So many providers want to know how is the 60% calculated taking into account the Knowledge, Practical and Workplace (will we work on a 20% allocation, or a 60% mark per knowledge, practical and workplace module). It needs to be clearly explained, as this has now caused confusion. I hope that the QCTO team will be able to give some light here.

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      Des Squire

      Thank you for this Sylvia. Will take some time to read later.

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