QCTO issues COVID-19 Memorandum 3 – extension of accreditation

Front Page Looking For… Quality Council for Trades & Occupations (QCTO) QCTO issues COVID-19 Memorandum 3 – extension of accreditation

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    Lynel Farrell

    Bernard, I am sorry, but your continuous negative feedback and hammering on the QCTO, leaves me to, not respond any further. I respect the QCTO. Best of luck.

    Des Squire

    I am afraid I must agree with Bernard on this issue. Quality is of paramount importance and quality of service is suspect once again.

    Renee’ McGibbon

    Hi All,

    What register is this that you are speaking of. Please share it again as I have not seen it.



    Bernard Botha

    Des, Thanks.

    I think it is clear that we both grew up when SERVICE was measured with a different yard stick! If ever my section got mentioned in a newspaper I would be on the Regional Manager’s carpet before the newspaper even hit the floor.

    Unfortunately this problem has been coming for a very long time – even before March 2020 when the QCTO stopped walk-in visits. Since the introduction of the on-line system there have been suggestions as to how they can improve the system – as far as I know none have been introduced.

    What the QCTO does not seem to realise is that they are playing games with other people’s money – a SDP does not suddenly decide to submit an application for accreditation; he or she plans, researches and in the process spends not an inconsiderable amount of money. He or she must also arrange for a lease on the property and then pay rent while waiting for the QCTO to react. Most SDP’s plan to start business at the start of an academic year; with all these delays the academic year for 2021 is in turmoil and no SDP can start operations for fear of prosecution.

    What I find even more amusing is that there is not a peep from Hatfield and no acceptance of the problem. I am sure the top management of the QCTO does read Skills Universe.

    Attached is a the response to an on-line submission submitted on 2021-02-21 – the only reason I know the date is that I filed it on that day. How on earth can I perform a search on this?

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Viewing 4 posts - 6 through 9 (of 9 total)
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