QCTO issues COVID-19 Memorandum 3 – extension of accreditation

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    Please see attached the Memoranda issued by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).

    The Memorandum 2 of May 2020, and now the Memorandum 3 March 2021.

    Both documents refer to the extension of accreditation – Memorandum 3 extends the time period by 6 months.

    This refers to assessment centres, trade test centres, and skills development providers.

    Please see attached for both documents.

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    Lynel Farrell

    Thank you so much Sylvia – this Memorandum is extremely important to all Skills Development Providers!!!

    Bernard Botha


    Thanks for the post – as Lynel says, it is important to all SDP’s.

    Unfortunately it does not address the main problem emanating from point 4: All applications are to be submittted online! Once you submit an application you receive an undated, unnumbered reply from the system acknowledging receipt and indicating that a response will be forthcoming in some weeks – quoting huge backlogs, etc. This automated reply does not mention the name of the applicant. There is no way to track your application as one does not have a reference number and then expecting Thabo to try and find it among hundreds (or is it thousand?) of applications is pointless and a waste of his valuable time.

    I know Lynel has done a lot of work on this issue and this has led to the introduction of a register – however this register is not in the public domain and one cannot access it. As it is one does not have any proof that your application has been recorded or is being processed and one can only wait for the email.

    Would it be possible for the QCTO to improve the online system by at least adding a date of receipt and a reference number so that one can trace your own application.

    Lynel Farrell

    Bernard, the QCTO distributed the Issues Register, which was distributed far and wide on all networks. I personally emailed over 400 providers, whom could not download it from the networks. Unfortunately there was a deadline by when this register had to reach the QCTO – (5th March) – majority of providers that have submitted the issues register have already received their feedback and letters. If you have an issue with the online system, please address this directly with the QCTO.

    Bernard Botha


    You are 200 % correct about the issue register and congratulations on the work you had done and are doing on this issue. My initial reply was in no way intended to detract from your hard work.

    The fact that you had assisted more than 400 providers should have set the alarm bells ringing at the QCTO.

    I am not aware of any public space where such information is displayed – it most certainly does not appear on the QCTO website. If you have an address I (and I am sure many others) would appreciate it.

    I cannot see that it takes that long (beyond September 2020 in some cases) to reply to an email and acknowledge receipt and issue a reference number at the same time. As I stated in my original response the problem seems to lie with the automated system the QCTO is using – there is no way an SDP can trace his application.

    As to bringing it to the attention of the QCTO – I have tried on numerous times via email to the email address and also to individuals, but to date I have not even received an acknowledgement. Maybe I am wrong but the only way we can get this matter resolved is by hanging it on the large bell.

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