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    Hannes Nel

    Sorry Des, I also applied and was told in no uncertain terms that the only person who has what it takes to be the AQP for pole dancing is Jax. Early bird, you know…

    Lynel Farrell

    Hi Jacqui,  do you have any update regarding the 630 applications – any movement or is this still in the first phase : applications received?


    Hi Lyn. As far as I know things are moving along but I have no stats. We have received our Service level agreement from QCTO which asks one to set timelines for completion etc. so I assume that others are also doing this. However, it seems that the QCTO does not automatically send these out and the DQP needs to be proactive in pushing the system along.  

Viewing 3 posts - 66 through 68 (of 68 total)
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One thought on “QCTO developments

  • Chidi Bosole

    Thanks for raising this important topic.

    Africa is for Africans and Africa is for humanity and humanity is for God. Before the eyes of GOD we are one and in any free country or free continent colour will be meaningless. Why we vote ? In this country most people vote because of fear not favour, that is why the political parties which has no interest at heart of the citizens win and after all people dies because of water. Why since the discovery of the Republic of S.A. we have never noticed any grave for fighting of water.

    Why in the democratic society people still have two types of education systems? Why people are still employed of their political affiliation but not of their skills? Why our land is not used fruitfully? Why we are still staying in shacks and our people dies like flies because of no proper infrastructures? Why peoples submissions of what they do not like are implemented without their consent? Why our courency is weak? Why people are still denied to run their innovative business ?

    All this is an indication of race and colour and hatred.

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