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    As promised, herewith feedback from the QCTO meeting on Monday 26 January 2015.

    It is important first of all to understand the process of how new or existing qualifications should be designed or developed.

    1. Qualifications need to be based on occupations listed on the OFO (Organisational Framework for Occupations)

    2. An organisation wishing to develop new qualifications or reregister an existing one, must apply to the QCTO to do so on a template. 

    3. You have to employ the services of a Qualifications Development Facilitator (QDF) and a learner QDF who must be a PDI. Note they come at a cost of between R400 to R750 per hour. The average cost for development of a qualification is R120 000. You do not have an option – this is the QCTO model and they are sticking to it come hell or high water. The list of QDFs can be found at http://www.qcto.org.za/index.php/oqd?view=featured 

    3. Stakeholders have to be involved at every step in the process.

    4. Your stakeholders have to vote you in as the Development Quality Partner (DQP) so that you can design/redesign the relevant qualification. 

    5. You then also need to consult with your stakeholders as to whether you should also be the Assessment Quality Partner (AQP). Since assessment must now take place on a national basis, capacity will be a key issue in this regard. For example, if you want to be the AQP for say the occupation “pole dancer” (there is actually such an occupation on the OFO!)  you must be able to assess the knowledge, skills and workplace components of the qualification on a national basis. There is only ONE AQP per occupation.  

    Note: It does not necessarily follow that the DQP becomes the AQP – these could be two separate organisations. The current list of DQPs and AQPs can be found at http://www.qcto.org.za/index.php/oqd?view=featured 

    6. Private providers will have to be accredited by the AQP to offer the qualification. The list of currently approved AQPs can be found on http://www.qcto.org.za 

    Currently, the QCTO is dealing with 630 applications. They finalised 31 last year. 

    The good news is that all currently registered qualifications will be reregistered until June 2017 (currently they are registered until June 2015).

    The other good news is that skills programmes can still be offered although I am not sure of the quality assurance mechanisms that are in place for this since SETAs no longer have the portfolio of ETQA.

    I hope that this makes sense.


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    Thank you for this info, Jacqueline!  Most useful!

    Tass Schwab

    Thank you for keeping us in the Loop… Where does one do QDF training? I am unable to track this down, because it seems as if one has to undergo further training in order to register…


    Dear Tass, I don’t know. I suggest you get hold of one of the registered QDFs – details on  http://www.qcto.org.za/index.php/qualifications-development-facilitators


    Thanks so much, Jacqueline.  I heard a rumour that where AQPs are not forthcoming, the SETA ETQA responsible for that occupation will be delegated the role of AQP.  For example, if the funeral industry doesn’t accept to be an AQP, Services SETA will act as AQP for funeral-related occupations.  Is this true? The reality is that ETQAs like the Services SETA (and possibly others – I’m afraid my latest experiences have been with SSETA) – are not skilled enough to deal with quality assurance, and because they are unaware of their lack of skill, are unlikely to improve.  It would be a great mistake to allocate AQP roles to such ETQAs.  Please advise!

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  • Chidi Bosole

    Thanks for raising this important topic.

    Africa is for Africans and Africa is for humanity and humanity is for God. Before the eyes of GOD we are one and in any free country or free continent colour will be meaningless. Why we vote ? In this country most people vote because of fear not favour, that is why the political parties which has no interest at heart of the citizens win and after all people dies because of water. Why since the discovery of the Republic of S.A. we have never noticed any grave for fighting of water.

    Why in the democratic society people still have two types of education systems? Why people are still employed of their political affiliation but not of their skills? Why our land is not used fruitfully? Why we are still staying in shacks and our people dies like flies because of no proper infrastructures? Why peoples submissions of what they do not like are implemented without their consent? Why our courency is weak? Why people are still denied to run their innovative business ?

    All this is an indication of race and colour and hatred.

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