Front Page Looking For… eSkills and eLearning ePractitioners !NOT FOR PUBLICATION! FOR CONSULTATION! QCTO CEO explains opening eLearning

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    Renee’ McGibbon

      SERIOUSLY!!! I fully understand your frustration Sylvia.

      Natasha Louw

        Thank you Sylvia. I understand your frustration.

        Lynel Farrell

          Hi Sylvia, just a quick question. Seeing that the letter went viral on various social networks – when would we then expect the final letter, in order to get providers to start online platforms (where possible). Time is of the essence, and some providers will not be able to sit and wait another month for some feedback. Also, we need to make it very clear, that requesting for permission to start online knowledge components to either QCTO or SETA must have a quick turnaround timeframe – within 24 hours. Providers are seriously affected, and so are current learners in the dark. Online platforms and the design of it, can be costly. Once approved, it should be continuous (not just for a month or two – that would be insane).

          Thank you for keeping us informed, it is truly appreciated. I fully understand your frustration (next time divert the calls to me, I will be your personal assistant anytime)


          Thank you to everyone for your posts – I won’t comment individually.

          Just a point I need to make – I was not criticising Cynthia – I am grateful for her heads-up, as she realised it was a problem as the APPETD had provided feedback, and she followed up on it. Nobody else seems to have done that.

          On the question of when we will hear – I do not know, but I do agree with Lynel that it should be fast. With massive job losses, eLearning represents a viable alternative.

          I will post a separate discussion on some thoughts on providers being proactive.

          Des Squire

            Lack of understanding of the meaning of consultation and worse still who needs to be communicated with. Many of the SMME’s have been overlooked as usual.

          Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 18 total)
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