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    The folllwoing FULL QCTO Qualificaions are available for sale immediately
    1. Road Transport Manager
    2. Transport Clerk
    3. Supply Chain Manager
    4. Supply Chain Practictioner
    5. Social Auxiliary worker
    6. Hairdresser
    7. Freight Handler
    8. Community Development Worker
    9. Electrician

    Contact Tasmeera Adam at the Academy of Knowledge SA

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    Elbri van Zyl

    Hi, Tasmeera

    Please send me an updated list of your QCTO qualifications to eduvate21@klmempowered.com

    We require quotes for the following (each qualification individually, please):

    Freight Handler
    Clearing and Forwarding Agent
    Insurance Agent
    Supply Chain Practitioner
    Training and Development Practitioner
    Project Manager
    Office Administrator
    Road Transport Manager
    Occupational Certificate: Occupational Trainer

    I also require a learning material sample from any of the QCTO qualifications, please.

    I am looking forward to your response!

    Warm regards

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