QCTO acknowledges social distancing relaxes eLearning regulations

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    sylvia hammond

    No matter how bad disasters and traumatic events are – there is always the possibility for something better to emerge.

    The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) has acknowledged the reality of an extended period of social distancing as a response to COVID-19.

    Consequently, the QCTO has taken a decision to relax the regulations around the delivery mode of qualifications on the Occupational Qualifications Sub Framework (OQSF). The QCTO is responsible for occupational qualifications and trades.

    The notice calls for Skills Development Providers (SDP)s to take account of the learners who do not have access to electronic devices or access to the internet.

    Please see the attached published notice by the MERSETA (Manufacturing Engineering and Related Services SETA) – and access the website http://www.merseta.org.za

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    Charles Dey

    eLearning is a powerful weapon in the war to improve competency and I think that the fact that COVID- 19 has catalysed this decision is a real blessing.

    sylvia hammond

    Thank you Charles,
    I am totally convinced that given the demographics of the youthful population, it is the only option for the continent of Africa – to rapidly bring education to the young population.

    I am privileged to be part of a Skype forum, managed by Professor Azwihangwisi Muthivhi of University of Pretoria. The has included members from Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe & University of Cape Town (I may have forgotten some.)

    I am also of the view that we need to move away from following the way of Western developed nations, and create African solutions for the African continent.

    The other very positive side of the COVID-19 is – it has demonstrated the quality of the local academics and medical professionals.

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