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    Maphuthi Sekwaila

    Hi All

    What needs to be done about some providers not paying freelancers as agreed. Name and shame as a warning to others?

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    Nishan Rachpall

    I also need some advice regarding this. I did some freelance training and assesing for a Training Provider at the beginning of November and I still haven’t received payment for my services. Their SLA that I signed states payment are made 14 days after submitting an invoice and returning the POE and other supporting documents. I’ve been calling their offices every working day since and all I get is the same excuse that their boss releases payments and that she is unavailable. I’m at my wits end now and I have bills to pay. Any constructive assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Maphuthi and Nishan
    Please let me know if the providers are skills-universe members.
    If they do not meet their obligations, I will delete them from skills-universe.

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    Simphiwe Mdikane

    Hi Sylvia. Also name and shame them as you remove them. Let’s warn others not to fall in the same trap.

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    I refer to the discussion on ‘Payments to Training Providers’.
    I need advice about what can be done about non-payment of freelancers, as I facilitated a two-day course in October 2018 and wasn’t paid the agreed fee.
    The service provider apparently had a meeting with the client training management, after receiving a complaint from one of the trainees who apparently wasn’t happy with the training conducted. According to the service provider, the decision was taken at the meeting (where I wasn’t invited to state my side of the story) with the client that the training is to be rescheduled at no extra cost to the client.
    I, as the subject matter expert, had done all that was required of me, taking into account the relevant unit standards when conducting the training, yet wasn’t given a hearing (audi alterim partem rule) to state my side of the story, but unceremoniously discarded without pay.
    In reflection, during the training I had traveled, using my own vehicle, 80km x 2 days. I had facilitated the training course, having researched, prepared and compiled, inter alia, the following content for the course :
    -108 powerpoint slides
    -2 ice breakers
    -4 case studies
    -4 videos
    -6 group discussions
    -12 class discussions
    – 1 role play
    At the end of the course, the feedback from the trainee evaluations spoke to the trainees enjoying being part of the course, some giving me the top rating for a facilitator (on a scale of 1 – 4, I received a 4).
    As, I have no idea which course of action to take (what is currently best practice?), and whether SAQA or the Setas have legislation in place to counteract this type of behaviour, I will appreciate it if anyone who is au fait with the current modus operandi in this regard, could please recommend a course of action for me.
    Thanks in anticipation…

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    Zanele Tshabalala

    @Ronald – You can take your case to CCMA – they are quick with these types of cases as well. @sylvia – what about Providers who do not want Free Lancers to open their own business’s so that they can be paid into a business account. There are also providers who say we may not train or do business with other providers who are training the same unit standards as them. in other words if I specialise in First Aid I can then only do First Aid with that Provider and no others. Lastly I would like to add – when I entered this industry it was feasible, these days in this industry it seems providers are lowering their price to clients in order to secure business – at the facilitators expense, it makes no sense that there are people out there charging R1000 for Assessor course. There is just no regulation of prices and this affects the Facilitator, assessor and moderator the most. This industry is being milked cheapened and devalued.

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    sylvia hammond

    Thank you Ronald. In terms of our Constitutional right to Administrative Justice in PAJA you should have had an opportunity to put your side of the matter. I am not sure about CCMA – I suggest follow up further as Zanele suggests – and please let us know what you find out.

    Zanele – thank you.
    I have no idea why a provider would want to pay a private person rather than a company account, Maybe somebody can explain further.
    If a business wants to restrict your economic activity that would require an agreement – and I would suggest a payment from them to compensate for potential lost business.
    I am not sure how facilitators, assessors, moderators, etc. will be affected by the proposed QCTO changes – maybe somebody can explain further.
    On the issue of price, it suggests that there are too many facilitators chasing too few jobs.
    Also that there are a number of problems with private providers – I wonder whether registration with the DHET will make a difference?

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    Simphiwe Mdikane

    Hi all.
    Zanele, as a freelancer, you belong to no one. No one can restrict your trade, unless it was stipulated in the contract. Ronald, wouldn’t a small claims court assist in this matter?

    Should there be anyone with a solution, please share. I am also using freelancers and I freelance myself from time-to-time. It would help all of us.

    By the way, we are still waiting for the providers’ names that did you wrong. If we don’t know them, we will fall in the same trap over and over.

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    Zanele Tshabalala

    @simphiwe Thank you for your response, Luckily I left the provider I was linked to for about 2 years, ever since then I have built better relationships with other providers and grown as a Freelancer.

    I understand the fear that providers have with employing entrepreneurs who mostly have the same business interest as the SDP however, there are laws that protect the provider from freelancers who may pouch their material/clients or practice unethically in terms of Assessments or Moderation.

    There are those SDP’s who have a sense of entitlement in the industry – they feel they own freelancers – for me it has gone as far as a provider threatening not to use my services because I could not attend meetings during the week as most times that’s when a freelancer works. I cut that relationship as well.

    We live and learn from these experiences and my mission is to be the voice of freelancers and to empower those who wish to embark on this journey by sharing the experiences I have had, professionally and even financially.

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