Private Providers - your chance to improve QCTO accreditation systems

By sylviahammond, 29 November, 2021

If you are a skills development provider, who has experienced frustration in dealing with QCTO on accreditation, then this is your chance to make a difference - by participating in this research project.

"Southwood Skill Development is an independent research consultancy.
We have been appointed by the QCTO to conduct research into the accreditation, and monitoring and evaluation of skills development providers.
A key part of this research is to hear what the providers have to say about their experiences, both with the SETAs and the QCTO, in terms of accreditation and monitoring and evaluation processes.
We are looking for providers who would like to be interviewed about their experiences and contribute their stories to our research. This is a wonderful opportunity for provider voices to be heard with the possibility of seeing a positive influence on these processes in the future.
All data collected will be reported on anonymously and providers will not be identified in the report.
Interviews are being conducted in the next 3 weeks (29 November 2021 – 17 December 2021).
Please email me on [email protected] if you would like to participate.
I look forward to presenting QCTO with some clear voices from our community of providers. Thanks, Colette Tennison."

I know Colette personally, as an extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and professional practitioner. I also know that the QCTO are serious about making changes to streamline their procedures.

So private providers, don't miss this opportunity. Now is the time to step forward, and make a contribution to this research - to benefit the implementation of OQSF programmes.
Please contact Colette directly.


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