By sylviahammond, 30 June, 2021

To all members,
As you will probably know from a flood of emails into your inbox asking for your acceptance to continue to receive their newsletters, the legislation into protection of your personal privacy comes into effect 1 July 2021.

The Act does recognise that by signing up to a social media site, you have automatically agreed to display your identity - unless it is a site that accepts an anonymous member.

By remaining a skills-universe member, you are accepting our policy - that is to have a first and family name, and a personal photo. It is our way to try and protect members by being able to clearly identify you, and we do check on other social media sites that you are real - and not a bot.

Remember, if you post you are making yourself public, and the discussion or your post, may be shared with other members, and with LinkedIn and Twitter. (We do not share to Facebook.)

Google have confirmed that they will access our Portal Publishing sites for information, but we do not sell your information.

If you do not want to remain a member please send me an email to and I will remove your membership.

Please do not respond to this discussion to remain - we will automatically assume that you want to remain if we do not receive an email requesting to be removed.

It your membership is terminated, you will still be able to read the site, but not post anything.


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