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    Hi All,
    I would like to introduce to you all, a company that will be the solution to your portfolio management.
    FezaPrint Information & Data Storage specializes in the digital storage of all portfolios.
    How it happens is:
     1) We receive your portfolio’s, it gets scanned in to register that it has been received on our premises.
     2) Digitally scan all pages of the portfolios received individually.
    Storage on servers, that have top of the range security measures to
    prevent any tampering or information getting mixed. Most importantly, to
    provide for confidentiality.
     4) Storage of all hard copy
    portfolios, plenty of space on our premises for hundreds of portfolios
    and security that is also top of the range.Most importantly, to provide
    for confidentiality.
     5) Return of portfolios to your premises when
    requested, or remains on our premises until required or ready to go back
    to learner.
     6) Services customized to your needs.

    With these
    services, you no longer need to worry of where to store your
    portfolios, portfolios getting lost or unaccounted for or spending hours
    looking for a portfolio to verify information when at a click of a
    mouse or keyboard the information will be there for you to see.

    For further enquiries about how we can save you time, space and headaches, contact us at

    FezaPrint Information & Data Storage
    Marco Fernandes (marco@fezaprint.co.za)
    Desire’ Harmse (des@fezaprint.co.za)
    011 664 6643

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