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    What are POEs and how are costs for this determined? Can POEs be applicable for short courses, i.e., for 2-day course?

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    Des Squire

    Personally I believe POEs have been taken to the extreme by many providers as in many instances a simple written test is all that is required to establish understanding of acquired knowledge. The use of POEs for a single unit standard at some levels of the NQF is superflous and a waste of time and paper. 

    I have recently been asked to moderate 21 POE”s from a batch of 40 and found 80% of the paperwork to be totally unnecessary, inapplicable and inappropriate.

    Assessors, Moderators and providers seem to have lost their way where assessment is concerned and many insist on a POE for any assessment. This is unnecessary and in many instances unfair to the learner and becomes a barrier. 

    A POE to answer your question is a Portfolio of evidence.  Portfolio is defined as an ongoing systematic collection of evidence that represent milestones in the learner’s journey towards excellence.  Portfolios make continuous assessment possible. Making use of a variety of items that serve as evidence the learner has achieved the required outcomes as set out in the unit standards or standards.  See the portfolio as a means of telling a story that will communicate something about the achievements of the learner to the assessor.

    A POE can be appropriate for some short courses and this will be determined by the assessment requirements.

    POE’s I believe should be used by training providers as a means of collecting evidence related to various unit standard based programmes completed by their learners. It is unnecessary to complete a POE for each and every unit standard completed. 

    POE’s will normally be used in all cases of Recognition or Prior Learning (RPL)

    The content of a POE is a matter for further discussion.

    As for the cost – this varies from assessor to assessor. I charge a rate per credit based on levels 1 to 3 and a slightly different rate for levels 4 to 6 upwards. Theses rates vary from R15 per credit to R35 per credit. Travel to the venue (if required) is an additional cost.       

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    Peter van Rensburg

    Des is that the standard rate for POE

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One thought on “POEs Costs

  • timmalone

    Hi Kholisile,

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    Hope that helps!

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