personnel management

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    2.1organisational causes of stress

    2.2effects and impact of different causes of stress on the performance of the company

    2.3intervention that company uses to deal with stress in an organisation

    3.3how do managers find out what motivates employees in work place(methods used and how these methods are applied)

    3.4mention challenges that manages encounter in trying to motivate employees

    provide solution to the challenges aforementioned

     NB.we are expected to gather information fro companies.

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One thought on “personnel management

  • Gavin Tonks

    You know guys I have worked in India, China, Uk and Ireland plus spent 9 days of hell in Sao Paolo. We underestimate what we have and are always waiting for “someone else” the lesson I learnt in India was create your own local economy and forget about outside investment first. All the outside investors take the outside profit as well.
    From China is economy of scale never be half pregnant either do it to take a chunk of the pie or go home. USA and China invest millions in business to take on the world, we do not even invest in a business to survive three months on a street corner.
    From UK bullshit everyone you have an economy and just lend everyone money and live off their sweat and toil.

    I estimate the world cup has cost South Africa at least R40 billion to host and if we do not gear to sales and follow up we will loose the cheapest international advertising we have ever had.

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