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By Anonymous (not verified), 4 July, 2012

With regard to the Dispensing Course, PEI have completed the Arithmetic module which is now online on our website.  PEI is finding that the basic arithmetic skills are a problem in, amongst other areas, calculating BMI, Serum Creatinine levels and dosing calculations.  PEI have made this module available to give the learners an added avenue to improve their arithmetic skills and complete the necessary assessment.  If there is anyone who may be interested, please let me know.

PEI are in the process of putting the Applied therapy of cardiovascular diseases on line as well as the Integrated Applied Therapeutics Course.  The Clinical Pharmacokinetics module is already online.


The Integrated Applied Therapeutics course has been designed by request, to minimise the prescribing cascade, polypharmacy,improve the quality of life of the patient and in the end, reduce the drug bill.  Healthcare practitioners including doctors, pharmacists and nurse practitioners have been encouraged to attend this course.  With all three healthcare practitioners working together on case studies that are used as examples initially, a structured approach is used to evaluate the patient, his/her diseases, evaluating the prescription, side effects, adverse drug reactions, dosing if the patient is a problem patient (renal, geriatric, hyperternsive).  Doctors, pharmacists and nurse practitioners are then required to bring cases from their facilities to be worked on together.  All cases are treated in confidence.


This course is accredited for doctors for 30 CPD points for attendance and a further 30 CPD points on completion of their portfolio. The portfolio consists of the workup on their own case study that they have chosen.


This also opens the door for research and if money could be saved on the medication, perhaps more staff could be employed to help the shortage of staff at all levels of healthcare!

It is exciting and for me personally, quality of life for the patient, we are not a number but someone who could be a mother/father, wife/husband, sister/brother.


PEI intends to make a difference.


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