By jaisonsibanda, 21 June, 2021

Have you ever thought that learners are slowly adopting to virtual learning?

Unemployment rate in South Africa is raising eyebrows and we needs a new generation of skilled and inspired educators who believe in in entrepreneurship. With the advent of the Covid-19 which now South Africa's biggest problem in the education sector, We need new businesses, entrepreneurs and self-starters. This is why we introduce you to The Coaching Hub online learning platform - one platform for all skills training.

Below is brief information about The Coaching Hub;

What is The Coaching hub?

The Coaching Hub is a success program for young entrepreneurs (educators) who need to share skills and exchange technical knowledge to bridge the skills gap in Africa while generating passive income.
Why Teach with The Coaching Hub?

1. Earn Money
Teach online with a once off upload of your tutorials or courses and earn money. For all paid programs, The Coaching hub shares 70% revenue with its trainers.

2. Maximum Convenience
The Coaching Hub will take care of all the hassles of marketing, sales conversion, and logistics for you, so that you can focus exclusively on developing high quality content, we will even help you with tips on how to design your courses/tutorials and how to niche them.

3. Enjoy Flexibility
Teach online by just uploading your content once off on the platform and make money while you sleep.

4. Be Creative
You get to design your curriculum and decide the way you want to teach.
How to register as an Instructor.
* Register for The Coaching Hub account using the following link

Although The Coaching Hub does not require formal teaching credentials, to be a trainer/instructor or teacher you have to be an expert in any particular field with a credible track record for your Tutorials/course to be bought. Our preferred learning paths are Tutorials for Primary and High school subjects, Soft Skills including Design, Business management, Marketing, Coding and robotics, Data Science, Project Management, Tech Business etc. You can basically offer any course that can help anyone start/ a career, even beauty therapy, cooking or music as long as you can facilitate and we will market it for you.
Let’s work together and embrace the change of times.


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