By nigelstormshipston, 5 July, 2018

In the last week I have had numerous calls and mails relating to a mass mail from a training provider who also carries out OHS Certifications. It appears that those listed on the DHET website as having already applied for Registration have been targeted, although there are some who have yet to register.

Please note that this mass mailing contains flaws as a result of misrepresenting documents as being relevant to the Registration of Private Training Providers ("Colleges"). To start with, the DHET notice attached to this mail refers to compulsory OHS Certification for Higher Education institutions. We are not in the Higher Education band, the current Registration process refers to our FET band, and there is no such notice relating to OHS Certification having to be carried out by SAIOSH registered practitioners for FET providers.

Second, most private training providers do not have their own training premises. The requirement for OHS Certification relates to areas under the providers "administration and control" to which learners have access, such as training areas, classrooms etc. It does not relate to offices where there are no learners. As most providers operate on the premises of employers, using the employers facilities and equipment, these are clearly not under their "administration and control" and this element of Registration is addressed by submitting a request for exemption.

This is yet another example of miscommunication/misrepresentation perpetuated without due thought or research into the subject. The net result is that all these providers who have been contacted are confused and worried that they are doing something wrong, when in fact they are compliant. This unnecessary bullying tactic of presenting OHS Certification as "compulsory", irrespective of the real requirements, is, in my opinion, little short of fraud.

Please take note that this mail reflects a serious misinterpretation of the actual requirements for DHET Registration. Whether you have already applied for DHET Registration or still have to, please confirm first with the relevant authorities or Lynel or myself, whether this is in fact necessary. These SAIOSH Certifications are expensive processes and would simply be a waste of money which, if not necessary, could be better used for your training activities.


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