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    Hi Karen,
    After a quick look and discussion on ASDSA whatsapp, this is my outcome so far:
    Enrolment is when the learner enrols for a programme with a provider.
    Registration can be:
    * the SAQA qualification registration process on the NQF – the qualification is registered
    * it can be once the learner has enrolled and the record of the learner is uploaded to the QCTO/SETA software system – the learner is registered
    * the provider is registered with the QCTO/SETA as an accredited provider for a qualification – the provider is registered
    * the provider who is an FET/TVET/CET provider must register with the DHET – the company is registered.

    Leon Pienaar

    HI Sylvia,
    You a star. What you say on the difference between enrolment and registration dates makes complete sense to me, but if that’s the case, the Circular is very confusing. In QCTO circular 1 of 2022 it states the end date for registration is end June 2023 and for enrolment end June 2024. Given your explanation that makes sense, they got the dates the wrong way around because enrolment must then be closing before registration, and not the way stated in the Circular. Upload on SETA software platform takes place after enrolment.

    Willemien Kleijn

    I believe they meant end of qualification registration, not learner registration. We are still teaching a legacy qualification (while waiting for the redtape of our recently QCTO realigned qualification to be sorted). The qualification doc on SAQA’s site has the qualification registration ending in June 2023, enrollment June 2024 and achievement June 2028. We are therefore counting on doing our final intake beginning of 2024. If I am wrong, please let me know as that would be a real problem for us.


    Thanks Leon and Willemien,
    I’m posting on LinkedIn and the ASDSA Whatsapp. Tonight I picked up from LinkedIn this answer.
    “You register a learner on a course. You enrol a learner against a standard.”
    Now that is a bit confusing to me – can you expand upon that?

    Leon Pienaar

    Hi Sylvia/Willemien,
    Not sure what is meant by that, but someone pointed out to me this morning that the End Registration date on the Qualifications, Standards, etc. refers to the last date that a training provider can be registered to offer that Unit Standard, qualification, etc. – and the last date of enrollment refers to the last date the learner can start the learning programme (0bvious with already registered training providers) – if that makes sense. This no new training providers will be registered to offer this standard or qualification after the End Registration date, but learners will still have the opportunity to enroll for another 12 months and then have three years until the final achievement date. Not sure if this is the case (not verified info).

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 22 total)
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