Occupational Qualifications Sub-framework Policy (OQSF) gazetted

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    John Arnesen

    Just wondering… Are all the role players affected by this taking it seriously? My arms-length impression is no, it’s largely business as usual… Will we have another ‘crisis’ come mid-2023?


    John, I am also at arms length at the moment.

    However, I recently attended a Seta workshop and was alarmed by some comments I heard regarding the status of the replacement qualifications & the turnaround time from the QCTO. I have not taken it up at this stage.

    I believe that the professional bodies – and all the departments contributing directly to the economy should be paying attention to the potential economic impact when employees cannot be trained because new appropriate qualifications and skills programmes do not exist.

    There are also the implications of requiring essential skills programmes to comprise a credit limit to be registered. Therefore, irrelevant components are added to meet the requirements, resulting in additional cost, and time away from productive work.

    Occupational training is by definition for the workplace.

    karen deller

    Hi – so i know this is an old thread but I was doing some additional reading as I have been out of things for a while. This QCTO circular 1 of 2022 (file:///C:/Users/karen/Downloads/QCTO%20Circular%20on%20the%20implementation%20of%20the%20OQSF%20Policy%202021_v1.pdf) notice states the following:

    “The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) hereby provides further clarity on the implications of the transitional arrangements for pre-2009 qualifications and unit standards, occupational qualifications, and part qualifications:
    a. The learner registration end date for pre-2009 qualifications and unit standards on the OQSF
    shall be 30 June 2023.
    b. The learner enrolment end date for pre-2009 qualifications and unit standards shall be 30
    June 2024.
    c. The learner achievement end date for pre-2009 qualifications and unit standards on the OQSF shall be 30 June 2027”

    Is point a JUST a mistyping of the Ministerial Determination (which says that qualification registration’s end date is 30 June) or are we now being told there is a difference between LEARNER registration and LEARNER enrolment? And if so, what is the difference?


    Hi Karen,
    Very interesting question. Thanks.
    I will distribute it.


    Hi Karen,
    After a quick look and discussion on ASDSA whatsapp, this is my outcome so far:
    Enrolment is when the learner enrols for a programme with a provider.
    Registration can be:
    * the SAQA qualification registration process on the NQF – the qualification is registered
    * it can be once the learner has enrolled and the record of the learner is uploaded to the QCTO/SETA software system – the learner is registered
    * the provider is registered with the QCTO/SETA as an accredited provider for a qualification – the provider is registered
    * the provider who is an FET/TVET/CET provider must register with the DHET – the company is registered.

Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 22 total)
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