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    Did you miss the National Skills Authority (NSA) webinar this morning on the Impact of COVID-19 on Education, Skills Development and Training?

    It was the second of three intended webinars by the NSA. It is one of the benefits of COVID-19 that we have a plethora of webinars, and as a result have had the opportunity to listen to speakers who we would probably have missed if there was a physical conference in Gauteng.

    Today was very interesting –
    Mr Zukile Christopher Mvalo the Skills Deputy Director General at Department of Higher Education & Training presented some challenging statistics on our national challenge. Members will be well aware of statistics on unemployment, but the statistics on our lack of progress against the National Development Plan (NDP) was truly challenging.

    Dr Ashwani Aggarwal presented on the implementation of apprenticeships – not just the old fashioned craft apprenticeships, but the modern concept of apprenticeship for a range of occupations. The presentation also officially launched the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Toolkit 2 for implementation of quality apprenticeships. See toolkit on ILO site.

    Ms Lynette Mentor presented on the effect upon business – and the range of different effects – from small to large businesses. She also presented some information on Broad-based black economic empowerment.

    You note I didn’t use any adjectives for that last one. The info on
    B-BBEE was interesting – concerning – another indication that the state departments don’t work in co-ordination.

    You can make up your own mind – here is the webinar recording.


    Keep an eye out for the next NSA webinar will be on the 28th August 2020 10h00 – 12h00. The first 2 have been well worth attending.

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    Simphiwe Mdikane

    Hi Sylvia.

    I totally missed it. Is it possible to post the link of the next meeting?


    Hi Simphiwe yes I will do that.

    Suzanne Hattingh

    The webinar was interesting to get the latest thinking from DHET and key role players – and for confirmation about the significant impact of COVID and 4IR. It was good to hear that DHET understands the impact on various aspects of the Post-School E&T System. However, what I found very disappointing is that there was not enough recognition for the need for a fundamental rethink & redesign of most aspects of the current PSET system. The approach to dealing with the crises relied too much on the current ‘logic’ / paradigms on which the system was built. We need to heed the warming of Peter Drucker: “The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.” Unless we do that, we are only re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic. Substantial changes are needed to the WSP/ATR, OFO, Occupational Qualifications, the grant system, B-BBEE, credit-recognition – to name the obvious ones.


    Thanks Suzanne,
    My apologies for taking so long to respond – too many demands.

    I have been thinking about this and what would be constructive suggestions. I have some ideas developing – I have promised myself to make time over this weekend to put my thoughts down. To a large extent my answers relate to some other ideas I have been considering. I do agree with you about a fundamental change that is needed – rather than just a tinkering with the outer edges.

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