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    Maryna Ritter

    An excellent discussion, thank you all for the input!

    Pierre Wepener

    These are Nated Report 191 Trades/ Artisanships QA’d by NAMB, it does not follow the same curriculum as for NCV’s the initial core responsibility of TVETs, who once again finds them in a paradigm shift. With the establishment of NAMB and the new occupational qualification design there is a strong shift away from NCV qualifications of which each level was in essence a year programme (NCV 2,3,4). NCV’s are clearly branded by most new surveys and research as a failure. Occupational Qualification (within OQSF under the QCTO) within the new design of Knowledge + Practical + Work Experience is the new “shining hope” to pull South Africa from its functional/ technical intermediate-skill, semi-skilled to skilled occupations skills shortage.

    Ultimately however, institutional sprawl has led to implementation crawl. New PSET Policy shifts were suppose to move the focus away from governance, advising, planning, funding, quality assurance and standard setting for instance, towards the actual provision of skills not the over quality assurance of skill.

    If skills development legislation is indeed to be a driver of change (addressing poverty, inequality, unemployment) we ought to ask whether every cent spent on a ‘CEO’, her or his secretary, a ‘council or board member’ and all the bureaucracy that comes with it, is worth the Rand spent less on the potential learner who is excluded from skills development or the building of a campus in a poverty stricken area that is stopped due to budget constraints! We need to stop legislating and start focusing on skills production not skills VOLUME in terms of throughput and headcounts – but people that can DO THE Work, once completed with their “qualification”.


    Good morning all. I would like to know if anyone has a list of FAQs relating to workplace experience modules

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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