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    Lynel Farrell

    Hi Renee,
    The Provider does not need to have registered Assessors/Moderators for the Occupational Qualification (unless specified within the qualification documents). The Assessment Quality Partner will be using registered Assessors/Moderators. The QCTO wants to see Facilitators with experience and qualifications in the occupation that they will be presenting.

    Have you ever been in a workshop where the Facilitator knows nothing about the subject whatsoever? It is frustrating for those whom have been around the block a couple of times, and have to be educated by someone that has no clue about the occupation at all. Imagine: Lynel training pilots – they might not even be able to identify the difference between a helicopter and a plane by the time I am done.

    Another scenario: sitting in a workshop where the facilitator reads the learner guide, page by page …. I lasted 2 hours in the classroom and walked out.

    Formative assessments is conducted by the SME/Facilitators – majority of your Facilitators are already Assessors/Moderators – so this should not be a problem at all for providers. The importance is the Assessment Specification Document – the Provider needs to make sure that all topics and elements are covered.

    You definitely did not look at the wrong place. The Assessment Specification Document and the Curriculum Document is not uploaded on the Mechatronics Technician Occupational Qualification. I picked this up last year, and requested the documents. The QCTO sent it to me, as I needed it urgently for a client.

    Jenny Mamdoo

    Hello everyone,

    Upon Sylvia’s recommendation, I emailed SAQA and received the following reply:

    Thank you for contacting the NQF Advisory Services.

    Credit value and the NQF level of a qualification are not directly related.

    The NQF level indicates the complexity of a qualification, whereas the credits indicate the amount of learning contained.

    For example, a Bachelor’s degree is registered at NQF level 7, and must hold a minimum of 360 credits (three year’s study). An Advanced Diploma is also registered at NQF level 7, but must, as a minimum requirement hold 120 credits (1 year study).

    An occupational qualification which holds 150 credit implies that 1 year is most probably spent on foundational aspects of the occupation. Qualifications which hold 455 credits elaborate on the information, and as part of the qualification, could contain the trade test or practical aspect.

    A very basic example could be how to back a cake. A 150 credit qualification could refer to the ingredients and utensils used, the various methods applied, and the scientific processes that occur during the cooking process.

    A 455 credit qualification could refer to the above, but also include the difference between a chocolate and fruit cake (ingredients), cupcakes and muffins (cake tins), various icing flavours and other toppings. It would also require a practical component that assesses the learner completing the actual process from reading the recipe, measuring the ingredients, and baking the cake.

    Thank you Reneé – it seems that your explanation was spot on.

    Thank you everyone for your feedback.

    Renee’ McGibbon

    Hi All,

    Thank you for confirming it Jenny. I prefer to hear it directly from the horses mouth so to speak so I’m very pleased they have confirmed what I understood. 🙂
    I love this forum! It helps us to share knowledge and understanding.

    Thank you for a great job with the site Sylvia!

    Jenny Mamdoo

    I agree Reneé.

    Thanks Sylvia – I’m loving the knowledge sharing on this site :-). Skills Universe has become my go-to place.

    Lynel Farrell

    Fantastic work Jenny! I must say that the 150 Credits = 1 Year in an occupational qualification is very interesting, and well noted.

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