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    A Facilitator successfully facilitated a number of programs on behalf of a training provider in KZN. After her last facilitation in October and, since she was moving residence, she requested that payment be deferred by a few months.  By January 2016, the fee was not yet paid.  She has made regular requests to the training provider to pay and was finally informed that the company was “given” (I am assuming sold) to another owner.  

    Kindly advise what recourse can be taken so I can advise her accordingly.

    Thank you. 

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    Colin Dovey

    Glenda, I had a similar situation, also from a training provider in KZN. She avoided me in every way, and I even sent a letter of demand directly to her address in Durban North. I am beginning to wonder if this is not the same person again….the name of the company was Carlisle Training.

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Glenda and Colin – please let me know if this is a skills-universe member – my personal email is


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    Irene James

    This is absolutely unacceptable.  

    I sincerely hope you had a signed contract, outlining rates and conditions of payment with the provider. I strongly suggest that you name and shame this provider. As private providers, we simply cannot afford to entertain these unscrupulous providers, who give us a bad name. Root out the rot.   

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    Colin, thank you for your reply.  No, it is not the same company, however, it appears that there appears to be a number of owners of training providers that take chances like this.  Very disconcerting and disappointing as we are all here to provide a service for a price to make ends meet.  Sad that ethics are given the back seat in some cases.

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    Hi Sylvia.  Yes it is. The facilitator responded to an advertisement to facilitate on this website and became a regular “contract facilitator”for this training provider.  She had never had problems of this sort prior to this.

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    Hi Irene.  A detailed SLA was signed by both parties.  From a legal perspective, it is my understanding that even if there wasn’t, the fact that delegates attended the relevant course and there was an attendance register and course material that was used is enough evidence to force payment.

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    This is a thorn in my heart. I am still owed money on facilitation by African Global Skills Academy for R30.000.00. I have plead over and over with the owner but to no avail. I will really appreciate a route of recourse. 

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