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    Nigel Shipston

    Freddy, Jason, Michael and their crew of happy slashers are fictional characters with an endless number of escapades bespattered with blood and gore.

    In reality, we have SETA’s to offer the cringe factor, far more destructive and psychopathic than any of the TV/film blade wielding, blood spattered miscreants.

    Here we have a SETA which is currently killing livelihoods and destroying businesses without conscience and in the name of improving standards.

    We have the slash happy occurrence of destroying the scope of an assessor/moderator, registered and re-registered on numerous occasions over 18 years, now subjected to a scope that is not worth the paper it was printed on. We shall ignore the fact that the practitioner has been found capable of re-registration over 18 years, that many practitioners do not have SoR’s because they originally registered when no accredited providers were available, that many of the results they produced over the years were subject to External Moderation and endorsed, and that the SETA in question seldom, if ever, issued any SoR’s until the last couple of years.

    When suggesting to the SETA that they would now have to unendorse results produced by these practitioners over the years because clearly, they have never had the “technical expertise”, there is no reply, only that blank, unfeeling expression of a Michael Myers. No amount of discussion regarding the lack of justification for these decisions, the murderous quality of destroying a livelihood on which practitioners have depended over the years via the registration awarded by the SETA nor the numerous flaws in the SETA’s systems that have given rise to the current situation can dissuade that flat, dead white mask and its murderous intentions. Down comes the blade with malicious, uncaring savagery.

    In a time when we are horribly challenged by unprecedented disease and countermeasures that are putting everyone in a desperate survival mode, this SETA has seen fit to exacerbate the misery, a perverted and cynical activity that belies the supportive and developmental nature which SAQA led us to believe was the purpose of these SETA’s. Not only was there no discussion or warning issued regarding this “requirement”, but practitioners also were only made aware of this when receiving their mutilated scope attached to their re-registration letters.

    And then the blame is placed on to QCTO?

    This SETA has morphed from a Dr Jekyll into Mr Hyde at a time when the world’s suffering has opened the door to masses of distressed people and businesses. A perfect storm, so to speak, unleashing disaster after disaster on the unsuspecting. Or is this the “end of days” for training providers and practitioners aligned with this SETA?

    The opportunities presented here make for numerous sequels of ever increasing in violence, bloodletting and despair, with no one in authority to protect us. Is there not a saviour out there……………?

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    Bev Short

    Well said Nigel, it is an awful dilemma in which we find ourselves. This SETA, uses their authority to stall and damage the livelihood the SDP’s and practitioners who have been in the game for many years. Some of them are halfway through assessing/moderating and now find they can no longer assess or moderate as their scope has been cut.

    As credible providers we go the extra mile to keep our accreditation valid and current, but are cut down to the knees by having our assessors/moderators scope delayed, mangled and cut to the bone. What do we do with staff who no longer comply with their job descriptions? Will this SETA take responsibility. DEFINITELY NOT!!

    This situation, with COVID, is a horrendous state of affairs. There must be a legal way out of this. Let all SDP’s and practitioners come together and get the ball rolling.

    Hugo du Toit

    Nigel – you couldn’t have put it better.

    The smaller guy such as ourselves here in Sasolburg are also very frustrated and irritated with all this petty B.S that is currently going on. The QCTO is not capable to make up their minds what they want to do or not. There are so much potential that is being held hostage due to the incapability’s of the SETAs who is almost like government – Incompetent to follow their own set of rules, missing the practicality and the advantages that it holds for the greater good – which they don’t care about. I have been trying so hard for the past 3 months now just to get a simple letter from TETA in order to have it presented to the Department of Labor.

    In my opinion, this kind of obstructive approach by the SETAs is one of the main catalysts initiating dodgy and unethical practices, because why must I, WHO WORKED MY ASS OFF, LOSE everything due to some body’s inefficiencies and because being honest and legit doesn’t cut it anymore? Some SETAs are their own worst nightmare of note, and somehow, they just don’t wake up. In my opinion, there will be more improvement and coherence if they just ease up on half of the BS they are putting out there to SDPs.

    Nigel Shipston

    Thank you Bev and Hugo,
    Over the last two or three months I have warned this SETA of possible legal actions and other exposure, (none of which will reflect positively on the SETA) but it appears this has, as is their custom, fallen on deaf ears (maybe they were sliced off by Freddy?) The slaughter has continued unabated and apparently we have no say in these issues. However, when I last checked, the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act has quite the contrary to say on the matter.

    While having been served with a submission under the PAJA almost 2 weeks ago, the silence is deafening, and it would appear that all who received this submission have stuck their heads up their rear ends, whether in the hope that it will go away or maybe it is to protect their ears from Freddy, only they know.

    Mind boggling at the psychopathic inability to identify with training providers and practitioners, but then seeing as few of them have ever been in that position it is not surprising.

    Nigel Shipston

    Just as a matter of interest, this was posted against a particular SETA whose sensitivities would no doubt be invoked if named, but whose sensitivities do not extend to the providers and practitioners who they are supposed to serve. Are there other of these extremely fragile SETA’s out there where providers and practitioners have been subjected to mindless, illogical, uncaring and/or brain dead decisions? I can honestly say that I cannot understand how the not so credible have been allowed to determine the credibility of so many with far better credentials. Have we permitted mediocrity to challenge the capable?

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