Niche coaching opportunities.

By shaunlindbergh, 11 September, 2013

All champions are niche players!

You don't find a 100m gold medalist competing in the marathon, long jump or high jump. In fact a 100m champion may also dominate the 200m but never 400m or more.

Why then do so few coaches specialise on niches? How about mastering one niche that you are passionate about? Do that and you may give your clients a serious competitive edge over their competition.  

I did this with guest house coaching in 2011. I decided to put 25 years of experience to good use and designed an eight-stage coaching programme. My best client, a B&B owner in France, took me on to help her fix a floundering business so that she could sell it. Six months later she had trebled turnover and the business was flourishing. I learned two valuable lessons;

  • That there were far bigger gaps in the market than I had realised.
  • I earned an hourly rate that was a fraction of the benefit I delivered.

This has resulted in two actions;

  • I am now planning to buy guest houses or buy shares in guest houses.
  • I am training a select group of guest house coaches.

So there you have it, what niches could you dominate?

Give me a call if you want to check out my guest house coaching niche.  


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