New Seta Landscape – again?

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    Marianna Bibbey

    HI there

    Do any of you have more information regarding the statement of Blade Nzimande during his speech 13 May 2015 –

    Sector Education and Training Authorities

    When the SETAs were established, there was insufficient regulation and each SETA operated in isolation. Over the past five years I have sought to improve this situation, but more is needed. I am now in the process of reviewing our skills development system following a study of reports and strategic policy documents aswell as various departmental policies. I will shortly be publishing proposals on the new SETA landscape for consultation.

    Do you know what this entails – there has been “rumours” of amalgamating Setas into 7 clusters?

    Does anyone have more info please?

    Thank you

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Marianna,

    Just to clarify the word “clusters”.  SETAs are already in “clusters” for DHET purposes – just similar SETAs.

    What you are asking about is whether any of the SETAs will be closed down or amalgamated with other SETAs to make fewer SETAs than what we have now.

    The DHET Minister has the legal authority to make these changes in terms of section 9A Amalgamation and dissolution of SETAs of the Skills Development Act.

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    It’s all just talk, Marianna, at the mo, as far as I know. But it has been coming for a while I think with so many of the SETAs under judicial management at the moment. There’s no point in continuing with dysfunctional SETAs. I just hope he leaves FASSET alone

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    Gill Connellan

    I am aware that BUSA has written to the Minister for clarity and I believe there are discussions happening ornplannend to happen with Nedlac

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    Lynel Farrell

    Various changes will happen and many mistakes will be made. There is no clear nor factual information currently on hand or on record to give any indication as to what is going to happen within the various sectors. The word shortly could mean months ……….

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    Thokozani Absalom

    Dear Marianna Bibbey Employers paying the skills development levy and training service providers need to check these details in order to establish if any changes affect them.
    The minister announced that 18 SETAs will remain the same or have minimal Standard Industrial Classification code (SIC) transfers, they are as follows:
    12 SETAs are to be reestablished with no change

    *.Financial and Accounting Services SETA (FAS SET),
    *.Banking Sector Education & Training Authority (BANKSETA),
    *.Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority (CHIETA),
    *.Education Training, & Development Practices SETA (ETDP),
    *.Food & Beverages Manufacturing Industry (FOODBEV),
    *.Health & Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA),
    *.Insurance Sector Education & Training Authority (INSETA),
    *.Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA),
    *.Agriculture Sector Education and Training Authority (AgriSETA),
    *.Public Service Sector Education and Training Authority (PSETA),
    *.Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SERVICES),
    *.Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA),

    The following six SETAs are to be reestablished with the following sic code transfers :

    *.the Construction Education & Training Authority (CETA) and the Energy and Water SETA (EWSETA) involving the transfer of electrical contracting subsector from ESETA to CETA
    *.the Local Government, Education and Training Authority (LGSETA) and the Safety and Security Education and Training Authority (SASSETA) ; involving the Transfer of Metro Police and Traffic Enforcement sic codes to SASSETA from LGSETA.
    *.the Wholesale and Retail Sector Education and Training Authority (W&RSETA); and the Manufacturing, Engineering & Related Services Education and Training Authority (MERSETA), involving the Transfer of the Petrol Retail subsector to W&RSETA from MERSETA
    Two SETAs are affected by insignificant changes based on receiving sub sectors from MAPPP:
    *.the Media, Information and Communication Technologies SETA (MICTS) involving the Advertising, Media will be transferred from MAPPP-SETA to ISETT SETA in order to address the full spectrum of ICT under one SETA
    *.the Tourism, Arts & Culture, Hospitality and Sports Education and Training Authority (CATHSSETA) involving the transfer of the Creative Industries and Heritage from MAPPP-SETA to THETA to align with IPAP 2 vision to leverage the full value chain of arts and culture as a major thrust behind tourism; and also to improve a focus on Sports skills development
    Three SETAs are affected by significant changes:
    *.the C TFL SETA, FIETA and the MAPPP SETA will be removed from the SETA landscape. They will be replaced by the new amalgamation of Printing, Packaging and Publishing sub-sectors of MAPPP; and C TFL SETA, and FIETA to form the new Fibre Processing and Manufacturing SETA;
    *.The PSETA is re-established for a year pending an inter ministerial task team process that Minister Baloyi and IMinister Nzimande have initiated to investigate the viability and operational model of the PSETA. The PSETA is established for one year until the issues pertaining to governance and funding are addressed by this team.
    The basis for these changes are to enhance sector focus, ensure viability of all the SETAs, consolidate learning (supply) pipeline planning, and align to government / industrial growth strategies.
    *.The NSA and DHET will, during November 2010 to March 2011, undertake a process of implementing the landscape. This will involve:
    *.consulting with affected stakeholders on the implementation, transfer of sub-sectors, sic codes and amalgamations as required by the legislation
    *.finalising a new constitutions for each SETA based on their new demarcations
    *.appointing the necessary personnel to lead the establishment new SETAs.

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    sylvia hammond

    My understanding is that the Minister has commissioned a report on the SETAs, but that this report has not been made public – I’m not sure why.

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    Hannes Nel

    Restructuring will not work, because it is not the SETA systems that is at fault, but the people who are supposed to provide a professional service. Capable people can make the most flawed system work and incapable people will destroy even the best system.

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    Des Squire

    Where does this information come from Thokozane? Is it factual and dependable?

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Des and Thokozani, looking at the dates and the information, this is the last re-structure. 

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    Thokozani: You are referring to dates long gone: November 2010 to March 2011

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    Ashwell Glasson

    Dear Team,

    Here is a presentation that has been doing the rounds in regard the proposed landscape. I hope you all find it useful. 

    My best, Ashwell Glasson

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    Ashwell Glasson

    Dear All,

    My sincere apologies, having spent so much time in between sessions at various government departments, I am suffering from presentation overload. Here is the correct and latest version of the “Beyond 2016 SETA Landscape” presentation for your review and interest. There are some fundamental changes coming that are quite seminal in terms of how the SETAB’s will operate going forward, including how to articulate and better pool institutional funding as well as skills levy funding in a more integrated fashion. The presentation also reaffirms DHET’s view of the challenges of the existing SETA’s failures and also the growing emphasis on the role of SETAB’s in conducting labour market demand assessments and funding and grant disbursement. The change in the grant regime is also well-described too. The end of the QA and accreditation role is fairly explicit and the focus on public colleges and universities is now be coming established as a policy. Some of this is likely to be contentious for many private training providers, but I expect it will take time for the system to re-orientate itself to the DHET strategy. Mariana, your question about the SETAB clustering is covered quite nicely in the presentation.

    The changes to SETA governance and the required involvement of sector national departments in determining sector skills plan requirements is also a new and interesting stakeholder dynamic. Fellow researchers and colleagues of mine have not yet fully completed our review and our engagement with DHET. I will post more insights as and when I able.

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    Very helpful, Ashwell. Thanks

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    Ashwell Glasson

    Pleasure Jacqueline, I will wait for the members to review it and will respond to their questions and requests, which may just be easier for now. The DHET strategy is pretty firmly on this track and I cannot see much opportunity to try and influence the Honourable Minister and his team further. 

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    Ashwell, please could you email the ppt to me at – I can’t save it from the link you’ve provided. 

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    I think it’s a better setup than what we have currently with the corruption and ineptitude of many of the current SETAs. However I am doubtful about the eradication of these problems with the centralized system of control proposed (which makes me shudder). Private providers and professional bodies are mentioned in passing on slide 8, and do not form part of the picture at all on slide 26. The only hope I see for private providers is to link to the AQPs being established by the QCTO.

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