New series Keywords in Teacher Education

By sylviahammond, 22 April, 2021

Of interest to some of our members I am sure - announcement of a new series, and looking for further contributions:

Keywords in Teacher Education.

Forthcoming titles

Assessment: Keywords in Teacher Education, Christine Harrison (Kings College London, UK), PB 9781350173286, Jan 2022

Communities: Keywords in Teacher Education, Ken Zeichner (University of Washington, USA), PB 9781350173330, Feb 2022

Expertise: Keywords in Teacher Education, Jessica Gerrard (University of Melbourne, Australia) & Jessica Holloway (Deakin University, Australia), PB 9781350238220, Oct 2022

Disadvantage: Keywords in Teacher Education, Jo Lampert (La Trobe University, Australia), Jane Wilkinson (Monash University, Australia), Mervi Kaukko (University of Tampere, Finland) & Rocío García-Carrión (University of Deusto, Spain), PB 9781350259096, Aug 2023

Please see attached for full details.


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