Need help with QCTO / SETA Accreditation?

By Marilize.Koen, 17 January, 2019

QSD Consulting provides consultancy services to assist your company with obtaining accreditation status with your relevant SETA and/or QCTO.

What can QSD Consulting offer me as a Training Provider?

QSD Consulting will complete and provide you with the following documentation readily available for accreditation:

- Letter of Intent to QCTO (if your scope falls within SETA and full qualification)
- Design and Development of Quality Management System, including accreditation documentation
- Complete Accreditation Applications
- Submission of documentation to the SETA and/or QCTO
- Site visit attendance and preparation
- ADDITIONAL: Course Content Available for Accreditation Purposes

Contact us for a quote on [email protected] or


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