By soniamagni, 11 March, 2015

Legal provision for access to Engineering Studies N1 - N3 for students who do not meet the Maths and Science entrance requirements

(Are there any exemptions based on age and on experience?)

There seems to be quite some variation on what colleges state in terms of entrance requirements for N1 - N3 (requirements range from Grade 9 to Grade 12). The NATED report states that candidates must have maths and physical science (For Engineering Studies). But I am wondering about those instances of students who have been working in the field for many years, but they don't have Grade 9 / 10 Maths or Science.

I see that all Colleges state that students must have maths and science, but there seems to be little info about mature age exemptions, and exemptions based on experience.

Most of our Engineering students come to us with a great deal of work experience - they simply want to do the theoretical component. These students often have been working for many years, yet, for some of them, they never completed maths or science at school. What can we do in these instances?

I would greatly appreciate any insight into the above.




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