Modern Slavery in the Workplace - What Human Resource practitioners (and many others) need to know

By pennymilner-smyth, 22 February, 2017

If you haven't read this month's SABPP Fact Sheet entitled Modern Slavery: Essential Insights for the Human Resource Professional, you may wish to - the interest and feedback has been unexpectedly high.

You can find an introduction to the paper and the link to the SABPP Fact Sheet at

HR directors have been sharing it with their Social and Ethics Committees and other in-house HR managers have been including the topic in their HR meetings and conferences.

There have been some really heart-wrenching stories about the practices taking place in some small businesses that do not employ professional HR practitioners or practices - those that employ undocumented migrants and just as the month ends and they are due to be paid the employer tips off the police and the workers are arrested.

If you are a professional HR practitioner its unlikely there is any modern slavery in your business, but there may well be in your supply chain (both business and personal), read the article to find out!


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