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  • Joe Samuels

    The data on the NLRD is correct. We are very happy for people to contact us and bring to our attention if there is any problem and after investigation we may act according to our findings. The quality councils are responsible to give SAQA the information. In the days of the SAQA Act it was the responsibility of the ETQAs to do so. SAQA normally puts this information through a rigorous quality checking process. It would also be useful for individuals to state what some of the reasons are why some of the information is not on the NLRD, for example, due to providers running courses without the necessary accreditation from the quality assurance bodies concerned. So most times, in our experience, the problem may not with the NLRD but the problem might be between the quality assurance body and the provider. The statement made somewhere in this forum is misleading in that it states: “What is on the website is not necessarily the correct details”. The details are correct as is – All the qualifications and part qualifications has an registration end-date of 30 June 2015. Once this date has been reached then the process of re-registration and de-registration kicks in. I have clarified this before and I want to do this again here. Individuals providers should work through the quality councils and provide them with information about their qualifications and part-qualifications that they seek re-registration for. SAQA, in terms of the NQF Act, is obliged to receive recommendations for registration from the QCs and not individual providers (or from SETAs that perform quality assurance functions under delegation from the QCTO). I don’t think that SAQA can be expected to deal with queries from 19 000 accredited providers at the same time and therefore we post statements on our website and the QCs communicate with their providers to provide information about the process. I have also clarified the question of re-registration in 2014 on this forum. I hope that this statement clarifies the situation adequately.

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