Misuse of the term Accredited/Accreditation

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    Des Squire

    So many of our registered providers and others continually misuse the term accredited when referring to training. QCTO brought this to the attention of the delegates at the last QCTO workshop. There is not such thing as accredited training material, accredited assessor, accredited moderators or accredited facilitators.
    Accreditation refers to the training provider. It is the provider who is accredited by the QCTO or by a SETA. Once the providers business is accredited the provider is then given programme approval to deliver certain training programmes. These programmes are aligned to specif qualifications and or unit standards registered on the NQF with SAQA or with the QCTO.

    A qualified assessor and/or moderator is registered with a SETA or more than one SETA and is approved to assess or moderate specific programmes as outlined in the registration document issued by the SETA.

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    Petra Penninkhoff

    Thank you so much, Des, for this post. The other day I saw another misuse of the terminology and I was going to say something. You beat me to it. It really frustrates me that so many people who should now, are misusing and confusing these terms.


    Thank you so much Des, may I impose upon you – please would you copy onto a word document entitled Definitions & I will ask Alan to load into the Downloads section.


    Des, please clarify for me – I seem to recall that Assessors and Moderators all need to be registered with the ETDP SETA first – is that correct?

    Lynel Farrell

    Hi Des, good point! Please could you ADD, that providers don’t get Accredited by the DHET, but REGISTERED (another story, for another day, and so it continues). You could actually run a workshop on what is accredited, accreditation, registered, registration, which comes first – almost like a reporting line – no short cuts. Start by step one. Learning Material is approved per application (there is no blanket approval nor is learning material accredited). Assessors and Moderators must be registered for the historical legacy qualifications, skills programmes, unit standards, however this will all change once you go over to the QCTO – lots of confusion, and so little time to place a discussion of the major changes coming in from the QCTO. Some will be shocked and will have lots of negative comments about the changes, some will say Amen to that! Soon, I will place some interesting facts, but for now …. over and out!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 21 total)
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