By celestemaximelackay, 24 February, 2017

Hello Members

Has there been a change in policy regarding the registration of skills programmes that we should have been made aware of?

Let me explain. (It's a long story though, so grab a glass of wine / cup of coffee and then come back.)

A private SDP wants to have their Mentoring & Coaching course accredited (US's 114215 & 117877 are integrated, as many other SDP's have done and will do.) This SDP is then told that they can only apply for 114215 and not 117877 because "this is not in their (ETDP) scope". The Accreditation Coordinator is told that because US's form part of Qualification 50332, and because their are so many other providers who have been offering these US's as integrated accredited training, there should be no reason why NOW this cannot be done.

The SDP QA is told that "True, they both form part of an EDTP SETA qualification. However 114215 is a core and therefore can be accredited as a standalone by ETDP, whilst 117877 is an elective and cannot be accredited by ETDP as a standalone." (Remember I said that these two US's are integrated into one skills programme).

The SDP QA replies, saying that this rule makes no sense. We want to know why the only rule we are aware of is that the unit standards that you use in one skills programme should lead to or form part of the same qualification.  Examples of skills programmes approved by ETDP SETA of other providers include, but is not limited to: 

15232 E; 15217 E; 15218 E; 15221 C; 15228 E (from qualification 50333)  and

15232 E; 15217 C; 15218 C; 15221 C; 15228 E (from qualification 50331).

These US's obviously form the basis of the majority of similarly integrated (and approved) SDF programmes!

From my uneducated view, this ETDP SETA Accreditation Coordinator OBVIOUSLY doesn't know what the difference is between a qualification and a skills programme! I say this because he replied "... a core unit standard is the compulsory component without which a qualification cannot be deemed complete. Whilst an elective, is that component which you offer as an add on, to make-up the credit value of the qualification. Hence two providers can offer qualifications that differ only on the electives but can never be different on core."

What I need help with is;

i) what did I miss?

ii) who can I contact

iii) who can I report this coordinator to for incompetence / inconsistency?


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