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    This is in response to a request for facilitators by Sandra.  Please contact UCMAS SA.  This organisation has a pool of facilitators who train children between the ages of 4-12 on brain development and therefore enhancing memory.  The prograsmme consists of many left and right brain activating activites.  It ensures that both logic and visual are stimulated simultaneously and almost instantaneosly.  This vital life skill will enable your child to switch from “technical solving” mode to “emotionally creative” mode in a split second and back again.  This will improve the learner’s ability to :

    –  Concentrate

    –  Visualise and imagine

    –  Memorise

    – Observe

    – Develop fine motor skills

    – Process information.


    For more information please visit the web


    Hope this will be of assistance.


    Nomathemba Ndiweni-Moyo

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