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    Please quote me on the following SAQA unit standards or qualifications materials:

    123135 – apply pesticides before and after planting

    115337 – manage crowds

    116511/119567/9823 – first aid training

    117865/117874/123398/10294/10305/ – facilitation, coaching and mentorship

    259622 – functions of the workplace health and safety rep

    67467/60259/67517 – certificate in municipal governance

    115753/115755 – assessor

    377201 – advanced driving

    123135 – accident investigation

    Would prefer people supplying more than one material. People who don’t cost an arm and a leg and people who will not ask for advance payment as we are not paid in advance either. 

    E-mail:, 0846803276 on WhatsApp.

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    Kevin Nkomo


    Please note that some of the Unit Standard IDs on your list have since expired.


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    Tepu Media Pty Ltd, we have the qualifications you are looking for. Contact us at: or call 0710443880

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