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    Cleo Black

    Happy Father’s Day SmartScript family! In honour of the Day of Dads on June 18th, we have decided to run a promo that might help to chase the winter blues away.

    Any 1 L1-4 qualification: 13,000
    Pack of any 2 L1-4 qualifications: 24,000
    Pack of any 3 L1-4 qualifications: 30,000

    Any 1 L5-6 qualification: 16,000
    Pack of any 2 L5-6 qualifications: 29,000
    Pack of any 3 L5-6 qualifications: 38,000

    Single Unit Standards:
    Single L1-4 US: 1,500
    Pack of 2 L1-4 USs: 2,500
    Pack of 3 L1-4 USs: 3,500

    Single L5-6 US: 2,500
    Pack of 2 L5-6 USs: 5,000
    Pack of 3 L5-6 USs: 7,000

    So Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! And don’t forget to take advantage of these specials while they last!
    The SmartScript Team

    *Offer valid between June 15th and July 15th 2017 ONLY, no exceptions. Offer only valid on off the shelf material, offer only valid on quotes made and paid in full between June and July 15th 2017*

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