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    Saleam Essop

    Greetings. I am Saleam Essop from Inschool.

    In a few words, the Inschool Virtual School System provides a teacher, tutor or trainer with the tools to record low data, cloud accessed lessons. These lessons are saved to a dedicated virtual class to which you may grant or restrict access.

    This system is in current use benefitting learners all over the country.

    The 2 things which set us apart are;

    One: Lessons are incredibly easy to create, share and even duplicate.
    Two: Steamed lessons use 80% less data.

    Our website is at http://www.inschool.co.za but you may try the app by following the instructions below.

    Download the app from here: ANDROID ONLY


    Select STUDENT, Click ENTER, Use the GUEST login

    Go to the Guest Institution, Guest Course, Guest Class and play any lesson.

    *Congratulations!, you have just viewed a low data lesson as a student sees it.*

    Now log out from the main screen, top right logout button.

    Select TEACHER, Click ENTER, Use the GUEST login

    Click on the class, select lesson, My First Lesson

    Press the record button. Write on the screen, speak and add images from the gallery.

    *Congratulations!, you are creating, your own lesson*

    Let’s engage and see how this technology can best benefit you and your institution.

    084 808 2222

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