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    Joy Sidloyi-Msizi

    I am looking for regidtered Assessor and Moderator for the skills program ID No 49648 at the Western Cape ,Cape Town please



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    venita naidoo

    Hi Joy

    Where you successful with your quest for Assessors and Moderators?




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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One thought on “Looking for regidtered Assessor and Moderator

  • sylvia hammond

    Thank you to everyone for adding to the clarification of this question.  I realise that what I said in my first posting was not accurate.  There is a difference in that if the NPO doesn’t contribute to levies, then there isn’t a 20% to come back.

    But what I understand from the latest Regulations is that you now must comply with the Skills Development Report (WSP) & PIVOTAL Plan to be able to access discretionary funds.

    The SETA is also instructed by DHET to disburse 80% of their discretionary funding to PIVOTAL programmes.  So that is programmes that lead to a qualification or part qualification. So most short courses don’t meet this requirement.  That’s why there is mention of AET (only level 4 is regarded as a qualification), Learnerships, apprenticeships, internships, and in-service training (which is often incorrectly called internship or work experience).  

    The SETA is also required to draw up a Sector Skills Plan (SSP) and you should get hold of that to see whether the skills you require are included in that SSP, as that would assist you to motivate for discretionary funding.

    On your question on B-BBEE – I can’t see how that would help access funding – unless you could on the whole scorecard achieve a high rating – and so attract funding. 

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