By jennymamdoo, 22 February, 2018

We are looking for off the shelf content for the qualification: SAQA ID 50481; NQF Level 6 - with the following Unit standards:

- 14517 - Apply basic economic principles to the financial services sector

- 12887 - Demonstrate an understanding of the functioning of the international financial markets within the South African context

- 117773 - Explain the structure and mechanics of financial markets

- 117820 - Identify the risk implications of trading associated within a treasury in a banking environment

- 117821 - Enhance work practices within a treasury by the application of market knowledge in a banking environment

- 12882 - Perform mathematical and statistical calculations relevant to the financial markets

- 12883 - Evaluate companies based on their financial statements

- 12896 - Analyse and evaluate the financial markets.

We are looking for the following to be included please:

• Assessor Assessment Feedback Documents
• Assessor Assessment guide with memo
• Facilitator guide with memo
• Learner guide
• Learner POE Guide
• Learner Workbook
• Moderator Guide, Plan and report
• Programme curriculum, strategy and alignment document
• Final summative assessment documents
• Powerpoint presentations of learning content

Please email me at [email protected].



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