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    Martin Changa

      Please find below the MCS Consultants requirements for an Outsourced Partner for BEE related services
      MCS Consultants requires the services of a single outsourced partner to support it with the management of training and skills development of both internally employed and external unemployed for the purposes of ensuring the immediate and future skills requirement of the company is met.  To achieve this it will be required to have a outsourced partner that functions as a virtual part of our team that will take full responsibility on delivery of our goals.  Specific requirements will be to:
      • Work with our BEE consultant to understand the various categories of spend required
      • Understand the company strategy and skills requirements to support the strategy of
      ◦ Upskilling and uplifting staff in terms of training and career path
      ◦ Identify and provide the necessary training for external and unemployed staff to meet the future skills requirements of the company
      ◦ Identify areas where it is practical to employ disabled staff and ensure recruitment and training of such potential staff member
      • Provide or manage suppliers that can provide both personal development and technical skills training according to the company strategy and required MICT qualifications
      In particular the following will be required to be managed and discussed on at least a monthly basis, measured and adjustments made where required.
      • Understand the business and business skills  requirements
      • Develop skills developments plan in line with required legal requirement and requirements of the business
      • Manage SDL levy and claims
      • Manage requirements, adherence and submission of WSP according to required legal requirements and requirements of business
      • Translate SDL plan into measurables that can be tracked and discuss monthly in line with the financial and BEE requirements on an ongoing basis.
      • Provide required guidance and support in setting up and support of functional Employment Equity Forum in line with the relevant legislation and company strategy.
      Your feedback and detailed proposal with indicative costs will be appreciated by 11.00 am Tuesday 1 March 2022.

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      Brian Mutangara

        Hi Martin

        Would you please send me your email address.



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