Looking for a permanent job

By Vusik, 10 March, 2018

Learning and Development Administrator with 3 years of experience gained from IT industries. With the skills, knowledge and experience i have gained throughout my career i am still keen on learning more and gain more valuable experience.

My present involvement is with NIL Data S.A as a Learning and Development Administrator.
I present myself as an extremely self-motivated person with a positive approach to life. I desire new challenges where I can be stretched and learn new techniques. I strive at all times for the highest level of professionalism and take pride in my invaluable contribution towards the success of the organisations I work for.
I like to prioritize and deal with each crisis as it arises. I am proud of my ability to manage my time and I come across as a focused, dedicated employee and a good team player.
As a young person I have a lot to offer and believe that nothing beats hard work.


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