LMIP's 1st Report on Skills Supply and Demand released in September

By katesani, 17 November, 2016

The Labour Market Intelligence Partnership (LMIP), established by the Department of Higher Education & Training to inform human resource development and skills planning in the post school sector, released it's first report in September this year. It can be downloaded from

LMIP has very interesting research resources / papers on it's website, organised according to the following themes:

Theme One: Labour market analysis, framework, data, and information systems

Theme Two: Skills forecasting: the supply and demand model

Theme Three: Selected sectoral analyses

Theme Four: Reconfiguring the Post-School Sector

Theme Five: Pathways through education and training and into the labour market

Theme Six: Understanding changing artisanal and occupational identities and milieus

LMIP Website:


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