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    Where can I get a list of Registered Skills Development facilitators names and contact detail?

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    I am also one of SDF’s. my e-mail is

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    Try the HWSETA as they seem a bit more organised as opposed to other SETAs and all the best! SETAs stopped publicising the list of accredited Assessors / Modeartors as telemarketers where using these details for their sales campaigns

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    thank you very much

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    I am a registered sdf with hwseta.

    i would like to be of assistance to you.

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    Hi Willie

    You need the list for?


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One thought on “List of Registered Skills Development Facilitators

  • Lisa Amanda Bradshaw

    I agree with you Tshavhumbwa, we do need to all make a meaningful contribution. Those that get the inferior education, lets not kid ourselves, are people being taught in the townships. If you are lucky enough to go to private schools or the old model C schools you still do get a better education. This is no equality with Township schools where the majority of our black children go!! There are some very good township schools but as a whole they are marginalised. That strike earlier this year. Who did it affect!! Private schools stayed open and my son at a model C school missed one day!! When primary school subjects go from 6 to 4 compulsory in the new system – Old model C schools will not lessen the load – Town ship schools will!! Is that equality. We must however all fight for a better education for all and discourse must start now!!!

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