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    Tass Schwab

    I have been in this Industry for over 15 years, and have sadly seen the demise of Quality material from many Developers. The Legacy Material that you can purchase from the List that I have is of high Quality. The team of professional programme developers are supported by qualified facilitators, assessors
    and moderators, to ensure that the standard and customised programmes meet clients’ specific
    training and development needs. Course material developers are drawn from the top ranks of
    business, academia, the legal fraternity and other specialised areas. Only material developers with
    an excellent reputation in the marketplace are invited to join the company. You will not find copy/paste from google in this material. Every course is a dynamic
    learning session of the required theory, practical application and motivational learning.
    I work with this team because they endeavour to earn a reputation for excellence in the design and delivery of high-quality training and development materials in all sectors of business.
    Connect: omtrainingmaterial@gmail.com

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