By lynelfarrell, 1 November, 2017


Please, when purchasing learning material, you need to do reference checks from whom ever you are purchasing your learning material. There are cheap offers going the rounds which is extremely inviting for sure. There was an incident today whereby learning material was purchased, the provider paid the full R5999.00. A cloud file was sent to them with the material. The learning material was shocking and not to standard. When they requested a refund, they were told: NO. When the Provider went back to the “cloud file” to complete the learning material downloads, which they purchased, it was deleted. So, out of pocket and 5% of the learning material downloaded. This is a heavy price to pay. When you buy learning material, make sure you do reference checks, ask around before you press the pay button. Be vigilant and insist a sample, and make sure that you have after service support should it be required. These shenanigans are increasing.

Another case: Provider paid R17 000.00 to the developer. The developer sent them a dropbox link, and when the provider opened the link, the folders were empty. No material and a loss of R17 000.00. The developer is no-where to be found. Shame on you!

There are fantastic learning material developers, whom really give fantastic learning material, so please don’t get me wrong. But, please ask around and do reference checks. The good learning material developers out there are being placed under the same umbrella, which should not happen.

Check, check and check again.


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