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      Good Afternoon everyone

      Can you please help me.I need to purchase learning material for an Occupational Qualification: Community health promoter;  Curriculum code:325301-001;level 4,previously known as Community health work level 4.

      Will you please assist me with contacts of any material developer who may be able to assist me.

      Kindly contact me on: fifimototo@gmail.com

      Kind regards


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One thought on “Learning material developers

  • sylvia hammond

    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for your response. Yes, I always speak to all car guards and usually ask for their “home” name because their badge says what is obviously a name given by the employer.  I use a few local shopping centres and depending on which one the guards are either from the Eastern Cape, or from Zimbabwe or Zambia.  

    One car guard asked me about my UCT sticker on the car and whether I was a teacher – and was completely amused when I told him I am a student! 

    On school – much humour was recently caused in our family recently. One of my granddaughters is going to camp with her grade and the instructions were that the BOYS would help with fire-making.  She is a girl guide and very good at making fires, her mom was quickly off to school to object to the gender discrimination.

    I have had many conversations about with a young woman I mentor and the key word I think is “consciousness”.  As Des points out a lot of words are used unconsciously.  The worst word is “they” – it slips in so quickly and brings with it a world of assumptions about “a group” that has no basis in reality.

    This is clearly our life challenge.  

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