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    Marilize Koen

    Hi All

    We have a wide range of candidates who have finished some training with us, and we hoping to reach out to providers looking for candidates to do learnerships / internship.

    Our aim is to upskill our candidate database as much as we can to successfully assist them with achieving their goal and/or experience required. Should you have any programmes running, and you in need of candidates, please make contact with me and we will gladly assist where we can.

    email: marilize.koen@capaciti.org.za

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    Zayne Constable

    Hi Marilize,

    This is a very good initiative. Are you just training the delegates with no SETA Funding available?



    Marilize Koen

    Hi Zayne

    Apologies for my late response. I only saw this message now.

    We train candidates with SETA funding, as well as our own funding. Thus not all candidates are related to SETA funding. Our core focus is getting our candidates the best training to be able to achieve their success in a career one day.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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