By siyabongadilimeni, 8 June, 2012


With the aim of contributing to attaining the Millennium Development Goals, in Africa through empowerment of women, Leading Women of Africais creating a platform that enables women in business in South Africa and abroad, supported by Governments, funders, investors and other technical partners, to partner with their counterparts in Africa in order to play significant role in creating and accessing opportunities across sectors on the Continent.

Leading Women of Africa, a registered Section 21 Company, has grown consistently across Africa and internationally, with more than 20 representations across Africa, Europe and USA. The organisation was launched in May 2008, with the endorsement of the Department of Trade and industry (DTI), South Africa, in collaboration with South African Women Entrepreneurs Network (SAWEN).

The Leading Women of Africa platform includes a range of programmes and networking events as well as digital communication channels (website, social networks, newsletters etc) which will enable the network, of individuals and organisations to access resources and share experiences. It is evident that South Africa, being the Economic hub on the Continent, can substantially contribute in the proper planning and design of infrastructure development in Africa through sharing of best practices, expertise as well as technical and financial resources. With the surge of women involved in infrastructure development in areas such as:   Construction  


 Science and Technology   

 Mining and more…

It has become critically important to support and facilitate the inclusion of these women in the construction of infrastructure services to position them as stakeholders in their respective societies and in doing so contribute to the economic empowerment and growth of the women, their businesses and the African countries within which they operate.


To find out more about the programmes or the events

Speak to Bridget King Tel: + 27 21 551 9929

E-mail: [email protected]




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